Creating a Simple Form in Google Drive

In our last post we featured an infographic showing all the different ways that you can use Google Drive in your homeschool. Some of you may have looked at that infographic and thought, “That sounds great, but I’m not that computer savvy myself.” So I thought I could spend a couple of posts on tutorials for how to do some of these things we suggested.

So for this post we will learn how to make a simple form using Google Forms. Your very first step is opening the form maker in Google Drive. You will click on the red button that says, “NEW”.Untitled design

You will not immediately see the forms option until you click on the “More” option. Once you do, Google Forms will be the top option. After you click on that, you will see a page that looks something like this:

Screenshot 2015-08-21 at 3.13.30 PM

Choose your form settings in the first set of options at the top of the page. I have already given this the name, “Simple Form”. Now we need to decide what questions we are going to ask and what type of questions to use.

Screenshot 2015-08-21 at 3.28.19 PM

Here I have entered my question and chose multiple choice for the question type. Keep adding as many questions as you need.

Screenshot 2015-08-21 at 3.31.18 PM

When you are finished adding items, you will click on the “View Live Form” button at the top of the page.

Screenshot 2015-08-21 at 3.45.12 PM

As you can see, you also have the options to change the theme, where you can select from several pre-set themes, or view the responses to your form from the people you have shared it with. I hope this very simplified tutorial has given you the confidence to try making a few Google Forms for yourself to enhance your Chromebook for homeschool use.

Infographic: 8 Ways to Use Google Drive for Your Homeschool

8 Ways Google Drive Homeschool Infographic

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Download this infographic.

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Organizing Your Homeschool Day on a Chromebook

While Chromebooks are wonderful for students, they are awesome for parents, as well. Since everything is synced in the cloud, any organization you do on your Chromebook is accessible on your tablet and phone as well. That is a huge deal for on-the-go homeschool parents, because saving the time of your daughter’s recital to your computer-based calendar means you may or may not remember the correct time if you don’t have access to that specific computer at the moment. A Chromebook puts an end to scheduling snafus like that.

Organizing Your Schedule

For keeping track of appointments, co-op classes, and homeschool p.e., there is simply no better tool than Google Calendar. My favorite features are:

  • the ability to send multiple reminders to yourself by email, computer pop-up, and phone notificationsGoogle Agenda View
  • being able to invite others to your events (want to make sure your son doesn’t schedule something for the same time as his dentist appointment? invite him to the dental appointment event and it will automatically add itself to his calendar when he accepts)
  • being able to view your day in “agenda” mode so you can see everything you have planned for the day at a glance
Organizing Your Lessons

Google Drive absolutely transformed the way our family homeschools. For one thing, we’ve likely saved a full year of college tuition thanks to cloud storage vs all that printer ink. Paperless storage is a modern miracle, I tell you! Some of the main ways we use Google Drive for homeschooling are:Homeschool Lesson Planner Template

  • Keeping daily lesson plans for each child (there are even free homeschool lesson plan templates for this, so you don’t have to create your own from scratch!)
  • Having students complete their writing assignments in Drive, and sharing them with a parent’s Drive account so you can immediately view and/or grade them
  • Keeping high school homeschool transcripts updated
  • Organizing research (links, book titles, magazine articles) for upcoming learning units and activities

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