Chrome Extensions Every Homeschooler Needs

chrome extensions every homeschooler needs

I got my first Chromebook this past weekend. Since I am a homeschool mom who loves to write and loves tech, it made sense to start a blog about how homeschoolers can get the most out of their Chromebooks. This first post will center on  some Chrome Extensions that every homeschooler should have in their arsenal.

  • Grammarly is an excellent extension that analyzes your text as you type. It notifies you not only of contextual misspellings but also checks your grammar and offers an alternative. This is a great way for kids to learn grammar even as they write.
  • Evernote Web Clipper Most of us are familiar with Evernote and how it works. This extension clips articles and pages from the internet to save in Evernote. If your student does a lot of online research, this could be a very useful tool.Find Out Which Chromebook Is Right For Your Homeschool
  • HomeworkSimplified Many homeschool moms are busy wrangling toddlers, assisting younger children with school work and just trying to keep their sanity. This extension installed to your older student’s computers will allow them to have more independence in completing tough homework assignments.
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus It should be obvious how this extension would be helpful to anyone, not just students. You can highlight a word in any website and then right click to get a dropdown with the Dictionary Lookup option included.
  • Kindle Books What homeschool mom doesn’t love books? And what homeschool mom doesn’t love freebies? This extension allows you to search for Kindle books right from your browser. This can be a boon for those students catching up on their reading for language arts classes.
  • SpeakIt! For those reluctant readers, this extension allows the web page to be read to them.

I hope that you find these extensions helpful in your daily homeschooling life. Please feel free to comment and let me know of any extensions you have found helpful for use with your Chromebook and homeschooling.