Printing from a Chromebook

Printing from a Chromebook

What can I say?

We homeschoolers like printables. It doesn’t seem to matter how many lovely things we can do online – – there are still those occasions when we want to be able to hit that “PRINT” button, and get something tangible for our efforts!

I’ve often heard people express concern over transitioning to a Chromebook because of a worry over whether they will be able to print from a Cloud-based device. Well, worry no more! I’m going to guide you through printing from a Chromebook in this post AND share with you some of my absolute favorite sites for free printables perfect for homeschooling!

Printing from Cloud Printers

More and more printers recently manufactured are designed to be capable of “printing from the cloud.” You can find a full list of cloud-ready printers on With these printers, you don’t have to have a PC to print from your Chromebook. All you simply need to do is:

  1. In your Chrome browser settings menu  , scroll down and choose “Advanced Settings”   Menu Icon
  2. Scroll down to “Google Cloud Print” and choose “Manage”
  3. Google Cloud Print will then scan your network for cloud-ready printers, and will ask you to register your device under “New Devices” (Note: if you have previously registered your printer in Google Cloud Print, this step won’t be necessary)
  4. Once you’ve registered your printer, print out a confirmation page
  5. You may now print successfully from your Chromebook

C4H TIP: To print the current webpage you are on use: CTRL+ P

Printing from Home or Network Printers

Even if you don’t own a cloud-ready printer, you can still successfully print anything to your printer connected to a desktop or laptop or a printer connected to your home network. It simply requires a few more set-up steps.

  1. In your computer that is already wired to your printer, or is connected wirelessly to your printer, open up your Chrome browser. (If you don’t have Chrome already installed on that computer, you’ll need to do that now)
  2. Make sure to login to your Chrome browser on the connected computer with the same login you use on your Chromebook
  3. Click on the Menu button in your Chrome browser and choose “Advanced settings” Menu Icon
  4. Scroll down to “Google Cloud Print” and choose “Manage”
  5. Click on “Add Printers” and Google Cloud Print will search for any connected or network printers you have attached to that computer
  6. Select the printer that needs to be added and click on “Add Printer”
  7. You should see a confirmation screen letting you know you’re printer is ready to be used with Google Cloud Print
  8. You may now print successfully from your Chromebook

Now for the really fun part…let’s talk about FREE PRINTABLES

Top Sites for Free Printables for Homeschoolers