Chromebooks for Homeschooling High School

While every homeschooler can benefit from using a Chromebook, high school students can gain extra advantages from using them. The teen years can be a very busy time even for homeschooled teens. Often they are ensconced in extracurricular activities which pull them from home on a regular basis. With a Chromebook, they could easily continue schooling on the go.

Most teens can homeschool independently, and a Chromebook can add just another dimension to that, especially when you factor in the apps for education that are so widely available.

One of my favorite apps and one that every student should be using is, Quizlet. This app is completely free and lets you study anything using six different study modes. Your student could use this app on their phone as well as their Chromebook.

Another essential for high school learning is the Vocabulary Spelling City Android app. If your student is college bound, it is essential that they build and maintain an expansive vocabulary.

GeoGebra is an interactive math software for learning all kinds of math. It works with Google Drive which makes it another great app for Chromebook users.

Make history come alive for your teen with TimeMaps: World History Atlas. This app has hundreds of maps that can be zoomed to different levels of detail and narrative.

This is just a small sampling of what is available to a high school student equipped with a Chromebook computer. It’s simply mind boggling the number of education apps available.