Online Curriculum Using a Chromebook

Okay, so you’ve been convinced that Chromebooks are a magnificent tool for homeschooling. Now you are wondering just what curricula works best with a Chromebook. I’m so glad you asked! Online homeschooling programs are a particularly good fit for this tech. There are a few to choose from, but a couple of my favorites are Time4Learning and Spelling City.

Time4Learning Homeschool Curriculum for Chromebooks

The reasons I love Time4Learning are many. This program is quite adaptable to each student’s needs. Student’s can move at their own pace, or the pace their parents set for them. There are lots of fun videos and graphics for the younger ones and video lectures for the older students. One of the features I like best about this program is the automated reporting. This curriculum keeps track of how long my students spent on each lesson and the grade they made if it is a graded activity. I can then print these reports or save them in PDF format which could be stored in my Google Drive for easy future access.

Homeschool Spelling Curriculum for Chromebooks

Spelling City is more than just a spelling curriculum. This site is wonderful for vocabulary building as well. There are tons of games in the free version to help your student master their weekly spelling lists. However, you don’t want to miss out on the many features included only in the Premium version. These features include vocabulary practice, extra games, printable handwriting sheets, and automated tracking of your student’s data. Can you tell that I dislike record keeping?

Either one of these curricula will have you well on your way to maximizing the potential of your Chromebook for homeschool.