Top Chromebook Apps for Homeschooling Science

How Do I Teach Science on a Chromebook?

You may be wondering, how to use Chromebook to teach science? Well, that’s an easy one to answer! Educational apps! You can use them to supplement your regular online homeschooling program and do labs separately. Science Journal is a great app that can help keep track of observations and data collection. If your kids, like mine, who are reluctant to write all that information on the traditional charts, this app will help make the process fun.

For the Older Students

Most high school students take biology at some point. Biodigital Human can make this a more interesting study. It is a 3D platform of the human body. It has 1000s of interactive models to enhance your student’s learning.

Working on that Chemistry credit? Struggling to learn the periodic table? Useful Periodic Table can come to the rescue! This app has an elements quiz built in to help learn all those confusing elements.

Level Up in Math & Science is useful for students who need to brush up on their science and math understanding, perhaps in preparation for ACT or SAT testing.

Does your student simply need some extra homework help? Amazing Science by Eduvee could become their go-to resource. This app covers topics in the sciences of chemistry, biology, and physics.

Elementary Age Scientists

Elementary Age Scientists will appreciate the Kids Measurement Science app which teaches them to measure length, weight, time, and money.

Science Games for Kids – Microscope is a game app that provides a fun way for kids to learn how microscopes work. Science Games – Light the Bulb is another game app. This one teaches kids about how electricity works.

What About the Little Ones?

There are some wonderful apps to get your little ones excited about science as well. Sorting for Early Science helps younger students learn to classify objects by living or nonliving, plant or animal, fruit or vegetable and so on. Pairing for Early Science is a similar app where children learn to match items with the appropriate label. Both of these apps are intended to build early science skills.

Everyone Can Have Fun With Science

Planetarium is an app that allows you to explore the night sky. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? You might even find yourself wanting to take over your student’s Chromebook so you can enjoy some of these apps yourself!